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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> glad to have you with us. it is 6:00 friday october 8. >> we are celebrating the fact that it is friday and even better yet it will be a gorgeous weekend. let's get to traffic and weather with adam caskey. >> a lot of sunshine, highs well into the 70's. some areas pushing 80's degrees today and through the weekend we will be around 80. let's look at the numbers now. comfortable start. clear skies, 50 in arlington, 48 in falls church. huntingtown is 44, frederick 54. martinsburg 49. mid to upper 70's or near 80 south of the metro area. so from 75 to 80. weekend same story. near 80, mostly sunny. next chance of rain tuesday. >> pretty good on the interstate
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an roads heading in. bought washington parkway in laurel southbound traffic away from us to the beltway. 95 between the beltway in pretty good shape. i'm showing you from maryland this 270 in hyatts up to. it is heavy. very slow through 109. we will go to the beltway. that is in fairly good shape. outer loop near new hampshire, no delays here so far. running pretty freely. by the american legion bridge in good shape. wilson bridge no accidents, no delays in either direction. beltway inner loop at tysons good. back to you. >> our top story, a horrifying discovery in a fairfax station hole. family members found a relative murdered inside his home. it was thursday afternoon along the 5700 block of ladues end that is where courtney robinson has the details.
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>> police are remaining tight-lipped by the situation. they are investigating, not confirming it as homicide but saying they do suspect foul play. a 61-year-old man found dead inside his own home as friends and family mourn. fairfax county officers are investigating possible murder. >> we received the call for help. a family member here found the 61-year-old man deceased and called the police. >> a family member made the discovery. the home is on the border of fairfax and fairfax station just feet from the fairfax county parkway. investigators say the victim's 2002 gold l.x. 470 lexus s.u.v. similar to this is missing. the license plate is xyw-8197. >> don't approach it. be cautious but call the police
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right away. >> if you have any information you are asked to call police. friends and family say this man was a local business owner, owning several businesses throughout the area. live from fairfax, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> it is 6:03 and some federal employees don't have to report to work because a fire broke out at the commerce department hoover building on constitution avenue. it is out, no one was hurt but crews are checking the air quality because of asbestos removal that was going on. nonemergency employees can telework or take administrative leave. >> a hit-and-run accident that killed a 24-year-old woman appears to have been alcohol related. it happened around 1:30 yesterday morning on connecticut avenue a block south of dupont circle. kiela ryan of columbia was celebrating her birthday when chefs hit by an s.u.v. -- she
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was hit by an s.u.v. >> she sustained master internal injuries -- massive certainly injuries. >> after she was struck a bicyclist jotted down the car number and police located the vehicle outsidior rita davidson's home. she was charged with d.u.i. more than 30 prince george's county police officers suspected of cheating on police exams have been cleared. the police chief says an audit found that an instructor recorded perfect scores out of laziness. it was alleged that the instructor gave test answers to members of the spring 2009 class. the chief says the instructor has been fine bud is still at the -- fined but is still at the academy. >> major track work will force metro to shut down it busy stations on the blue and orange
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lines during the columbus day holiday. but not everyone has a three-day weekend so that could be problems on monday morning. mike conneen is live at metro center to explain. >> the track work will shut down two metro stations farragut west and macpherson and there will be no blue or orange service here at metro center. the red line will continue to run at metro center. the closures should last they days starting 10:00 p.m. tonight through tuesday morning in time for the morning commute. normal service should resume metro-wide at that point. the agency says it is under skwrg major rehandlization and -- rehandle station and rebuilding. it will remiss switches and tunnel safety lights and taking other safety measures to improve the railway. it says it scheduled the work for the holiday weekend because of the federal holiday with
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columbus day. ridership is much lower then usual. for those that still have to work monday, metro says it will operate free shuttle services around the station closures. riders are encouraged to allow about 40 minutes of extra time if they need to pass through this zone. even with the holiday. they are expecting long lines at the shuttle stops. making it worse there is a lot going on this weekend in and around washington. so, metrorail riders planning to attend the capitals game, d.c. united game or redskins game, breast cancer walk downtown as well as a concert at the verizon center you want to check out for the details, the home of abc 7 news online. >> mike, thank you. you just mentioned this event. breast cancer patients, survivors and supporters will spend this weekend making a
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60-mile trek around washington. the susan g. komen three-day for the cure kicks off in less than an hour at 7:00. the walk concludes with a ceremony at the foot of the washington monument sunday evening at 5:00. >> we are following breaking news out of norway where liu xiaobo was awarded the 2010 nobel peace prize. he is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence for subversion. china had urged the committee not to give him the prize. 55 degrees outside and 6:07. >> still ahead, the economy is adding jobs but is it enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate? we will preview the report. >> president bush's memoirs making history, too. we will tell you how. >> first, a picture perfect
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weekend forecast. we are all looking so forward to this holiday weekend. adam has the i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget honestly. grow small businesses, really. excellent schools everywhere.
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protect the bay, finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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>> friday morning, happy friday. we made it to the end of the workweek and fantastic weather through the weekend of yesterday was great. today will be the same. the average low is 53ment we are 54 right now. dulles is 45, manassas 45.
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gaithersburg 46. so, in some outlying areas mid to upper 40's. otherwise, low 50's. mostly sunny today, about total sunshinement highs mid to upper 70's. maybe pushing 80. into the weekend no big changes. sunny, highs around 80. >> we are looking at the beltway west from college park to silver spring through the eyes of news chopper 7. we are still pretty close to the speed limit from here into beththesda now to 270 and hyattstown. there are delays getting past 109. but beyond that the pace is pretty good through germantown, rockville and beyond. 66 and toll road 95, 395 pretty good. here is a look at 95 in the springfield area and no delays
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here or getting there from fredericksburg. back to you. >> former president george w. bush's memoirs will make a debut next month. crown publishers says 1.5 million copies of it will be printed. there will be multimedia extras including video highlights and photographs. the book will be a reflection on important decisions and moments in his life. >> 6:12 on this friday morning. 55 degrees. still couto come good news for blackberry users. middle east backs off a looming band. >> lawmakers brace for the job numbers ahead of mid term elections. >> just feet from freedom now after months trapped miles underground the chilean miners would be
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>> in our top stories fairfax county police have a murder mystery on their hands. investigators say a 61-year-old man was found dead in a home on ladues end court in fairfax yesterday. they won't say how he died or who he is, but police say his lexus was taken from his home. metro is using the weekend to do work recommended by the national transportation safety board. it says macpherson square and farragut west on the blue and orange lines will be closed from 10:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. tuesday. more than 30 miners trapped a half mile underground in chile could soon be free. drilling on a shaft to bring tell up could be finished as soon as tomorrow and once that happens it could take just three
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to 10 days to pull them to safety. >> we are coming up on 6:15. with a little more than three weeks until election day the unemployment rate could be more important tan ever. the bad news for democrats the numbers are not optimistic. >> this morning's final jobs report love -- report is little relief to the unemployed or democrats. this is an election about the economy and any time the focus is on the fact that the economy is struggling is not a good story for democrats. >> president obama will talk about the jobs numbers during a visit to a business in maryland this morning. speaking at a campaign event for maryland governor martin o'malley yesterday he tried to rally voters. >> democrats continue to push the point that the economy is improving. >> we have a long way to go and certainly we are not taking a victory lap. we want to quicken the pace of
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change. >> since beginning of the year the economy has created 732,000 new jobs but the last they months have seen a decline as temporary census jobs came to an end. however, if considering just the private sector, every month this year has seen jobs added. >> one more note, the outlook for holiday hiring this year is looking up. some estimates are retailers will add 500,000 to 600,000 workers to meet demand. >> the voters' choice for governor in maryland could determine the future of the purple line. martin o'malley wants to see light rail along the 16-mile route and bob ehrlich is pushing for a less expensive rapid bus system. the rail option has been supported. unexpecteded emergencies during
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an obama campaign appearance in bow bowie. >> i think we might have had somebody faint down here, so, if we have the paramedics. >> he was at a rally for o'malley's re-election campaign when 36 people became ill. emergency workers treated them for exhaustion and dehydration two were taken to the hospital. this weekend he will campaign in philadelphia. >> in the d.c. mayor race now adrian fenty supporters are not giving up even though he lost the primary. some launched a write-in campaign. his office issued a statement saying the mayor is not involved in that effort. democratic mayoral nominee vincent gray is stepping up his effort to get feedback from voters. he held his second town hall meeting last night at saint columbus episcopal church. hundreds were there. and some had tough questions about his plans for education
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and job growth. it was in ward three which voted for mayor fenty in the primary. >> this morning's money scope blackberry ban is blocked and president obama blocks the foreclosure bill. we have those stories and more. >> we begin with the government's unemployment report coming out this morning. economists expect the unemployment rate to edge up to 9.7% mainly due to more americans looking for jobs and getting counted. officials say president obama won't sign a controversial foreclosure bill. consumer advocates say it would make it more difficult for homeowners to challenge foreclosures. several banks have admitted they didn't properly process the paperwork. blackberries will keep worked in the united arab emirates. they were going to be banned due to security concerns but they say they are compliant with the security laws. toyota is planning to launch two new prius hybrid models.
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one would be a subcamp packet the other an s.u.v. they are due to hit the market in 2012. that is your "money scope report". >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey has the latest on the beautiful weekend that sounds like it will be a repeat of yesterday, which was pretty darn insist. >> we will -- pretty darn nice. >> we will have a receipt several days. these are the patterns where we kick our heels up in the weather center and it is pretty straightforward. nothing unsettled to it. 54 right now at reagan national. 45 in martinsburg. cumberland the cool spot on this map at 41. hagerstown though 56. frederick at 45. annapolis 53 degrees. we are high and dry. you can see the clear skies. we will continue to see clear skies for the next several days. even a cloud on the satellite image locally. you have to go up to parts of new england and that is where it
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is with the upper level disturbance -- my goodness, look at my arrows. let's try that again. there we go. upper level disturbance. that was overhead the past several days and is pushing northeast. learning process slowly getting better. high pressure is influencing our weather. it is over missouri and that is close enough to give us sunshine the next several days. basically mostly sunny today through the weekend. by the early part of next week we will see shift in the pattern. at that point we have a chance of showers but not until tuesday. for today sunshine, mild, above average. temperatures in the mid to upper 70's, near 80. tonight dropping down into the 50's. tomorrow near 80 with a lot of sunshine. we are above average until the middle of next week when we get back in the low 70's. next chance of rain tuesday. now to jim. >> that is pretty cool. you made the sun come out but
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waving your hand. this 95 north through springfield no delays. good out of fredericksburg. wilson bridge is good each way. 66 heavy traffic in manassas and route 50 to route 123 all lanes open. 270 very slow past hyattstown. then the pace is good to the beltway where we will find traffic running well on the trip from college park to silver spring. so far no delays along that stretch. back to you. >> 54 degrees and it is 6:21. up next eating on the go is easier than ever in the district but the idea isn't sitting well with everyone. >> later today on oprah, women in their 30's ready to lose their virginity. that is 4:00 on abc 7.
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze.
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while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.
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>> 7 is on your side with news of an important medicine recall that affects a lot of people. pfizer has recalled 191,000 bottles of the cholesterol fighting drug lipitor. they were recalled in august because of an uncharacteristic odor. there are no reports of illnesses. >> mothers who get vaccinated against the flu can pass along protection through children the researchers tracked more than 1,000 infant up to six months and concluded babies of
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vaccinated mothers had a 41% lower risk of infection. you have seen them around town. we are talking about the food trucks in d.c. in the past 18 months 23 new trucks have rolled into our area. yesterday some of them took part in the first curbside cookoff. >> more people are tired of getting into getting into the culture and realizing it not the roach coach your dad ate off of at a construction site. it is actually gourmet food. restaurant owners see them as a threat to their business. the adams morgan business imprfplt district want,s to keep tell at least 100 feet from any restaurant. it proposing to limit their time in one pot to just 30 minutes. >> so the battle begins. >> the one outside our building has a long line every day. popular. >> 6:25 now and another half
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hour of "good morning, washington" ahead. >> in that half hour, a special guest at a local high school, why tiger woods is coming to town. >> i'm mike conneen live at metro center. one of three stations facing closures and changes this weekend. details are coming up. >> fantastic weather into the weekend. >> fantastic weather into the weekend. well above average more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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>> a horrifying discovery inside a fairfax home. now this morning police are on the hunt for a killer. it is 6:30 friday morning and we say "good morning, washington." >> we will have more on that story but first we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is here with nothing
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but blue skies. >> sunshine, blue skies. >> perfect, awesome. however want to put it. mostly sunny. >> beautiful. >> clear. let's go to the temperatures right now. it is a nice start. open up the windows. 50 in arlington, winchester 50. laplata 46, clarksburg 54. today mostly sunny, just a great, spectacular, fantastic d day. insert your good adjective here. mid to upper 70's, pushing 80's farther south. as we go into the weekend you will see similar conditions. a lot of sunshine, highs near 80 degrees. maybe even upper 70's here and there on sunday because the cold front will clip us. overall i would say mid to upper 70's to near 80. next chance of showers not until tuesday. good chance to dry out. now to jim with the drive.
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>> luckily we are under control out this on the roads. this is beltway near dulles toll road. traffic is looking good here. we will show you a map. accident over in prince george's county inbound route 5 before you get to or just beyond the beltway at beach road. traffic was getting by only on the left shoulder. 95 virginia not bad. traffic running pretty well out of dale city. route 1 southbound north intersection with the mount vernon highway a crash. inbound 66 slow in manassas and fair oaks to 123. maryland outer loop will be running pretty well college park to silver spring. >> we have breaking news this morning. the suspect in a deadly egypt accident -- hit-and-run accident has turned herself in. skror rid da davidson arrived about an hour ago. they think she was driving the s.u.v. that struck and killed
6:32 am
kiela ryan about 1:30 credit morning. so far davidson only faces a d.u.i. charge. we will have more on this breaking news as it becomes available. >> our other top story, investigators searching for answers after a suspicious death in fairfax county. a family member found a man's body inside his home near the border of fairfax and fairfax station. courtney robinson joins us live from that scene with the latest. >> fairfax county officers do suspect foul play, still they are investigating all of this. around 4:00 yesterday a family member came to the home just off fairfax county parkway and found a man dead inside of his home. police are not telling us his identify tied or releasing much information at this time. they are still looking into this. but we know that one of his vehicles, a 2002 gold lexus
6:33 am
s.u.v. is missing. officers are now looking for that. they are asking for any information. if you have any, call them and we will bring you the latest as soon as we hear it. back to you. >> we are also following a developing story this morning. some commerce department employees have an up expected day off. a fire was extinguished in the hoover building on constitution avenue last night but today it will be closed because crews are concerned about air quality. asbestos removal was rpbd way in the build -- was under way in the building. you can telework or take administrative leave. police are investigating an armored truck robbery in bethesda yesterday. two men robbed the truck's driver and guard outside a wachovia bank on wisconsin avenue yesterday just before noon.
6:34 am
they took money and the guards' guns. >> looking at this day ahead, a major hurdle for metro riders. this beginning tonight no blue or orange line service from metro center. >> this is so they can do track repairs. it could mean big problems for workers monday morning. mike conneen has more. >> there are two stations that will be closed this weekend because of the work. farragut west and macpherson square. and no blue or orange line service at metro center. note, however, red line will continue here at metro center. the closures should last they days starting tonight 10:00 p.m. and wrap up monday night and be open in time for the metro on tuesday morning. the agency says it is under going major rehabilitation work following recommendations from the ntsb.
6:35 am
they will replace track switches an old track and installing other safety measures. metro says it is scheduled the work for the reason ridership is lower than usual. metro will offer free shuttle service around the station closures but even those shuttles they are encouraging riders to allow an extra 40 minutes because they expect downtown traffic and long lines. to make it worse, there are a lot of events around the washington area this weekend. saturday there is the capitals game and d.c. united game. sunday there is a redskins game, breast cancer walk on the mall and roger waters concert at the verizon center. so, for folks planning to take metro for those event check out the online home of abc 7 news. back to you.
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>> tiger woods is coming to the capital area today. he is celebrating the opening of the new tiger woods learning center in southeast d.c. he will spend the day with a group of ninth graders at the cesar chavez charter school where the center will be based. it will give students access to tutors and technology training. breast cancer patients, survivors an supporters will spend the weekend making a 60-mile trek around washington. it kicks off with an opening ceremony this morning at 7:00. the walk around the region concludes with a ceremony at the fat of the washington monument sun evening at 5:00. tonight at 5:00 we have an interview with nancy brinker the founder of the susan g. komen foundation. that was her sister and she made a promise to her. she passed away from breast cancer and she has raised some $1.5 billion.
6:37 am
>> that is amazing. we will hear more tonight. we hope you join us for that. 6:37 is the time. still ahead, is your job bad for your health? why thousands put their lives at risk for the sake of a paycheck. >> can katherine heigl re reinvigorate the romantic comedy? i have weekend movies just ahead. >> another check of traffic and weather i have 10 minutes. you a
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>> we are here with howard university school of pharmacy students celebrating national pharmacist month. >> know your medicine, know your pharmaci pharmacist. "good morning, washington." whew! >> that will wake you up. 6:40 a.m. look at this beautiful shot of the sunrise over the bay. it is beautiful! crystal clear, baby blue skies today. 54 at reagan national. clear skies. dew point at 48. relative humidity 81%. no ground fog being reported. mclean 51. brandywine 45. quantico 50. not as gusty today as yesterday. about 78 the high this afternoon. down into the 50's later on tonight.
6:41 am
tomorr tomorrow, just like today, sunny and warm. near 80. that will be the case through the rest of the weekend. sunday and columbus day. that is is the forecast. seven-day coming up son. >> 66 traffic highway in manassas, on the breaks from 50 to the interchange of 123 where it improves toward the vienna area. springfield northbound 95 slow from woodbridge to newington. running pretty close to the speed limit. to nationals park beginning at komen three-day we have some streets closed in that area. south capitol at the end of the d doug last bridge. branch avenue and beach road just inside the beltway an accident blocking the right side. >> 53 degrees outside. it now 6:41. >> a controversial new ad in the nevada senate race.
6:42 am
politico has that story. >> americans take the lest amount of time -- least amount of time off for recreational activities. why >> why pitting your career agains
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>> welcome back. the last jobs report before the mid term elections is due out today and economists expect it to snow companies did add some positions last month. they added an estimated 75,000 jobs in september but that is expected to offset by the loss of 75,000 census jobs. the rate is expected to rise from 9.6% to 9.7%.
6:45 am
president obama is watching the numbers as you can imagine and he will talk about the unemployment report after he tours a small business in pwhreudnessburg this morning -- bladensburg. he will try to convince voters democrats can do a better job of putting the economy back on track. a federal judge has dealt a major set back to opponents of the healthcare reform law. the judge said congress did not exceed its authority by requiring people to have health insurance by 2014. he also rejected a challenge to a financial penalty for not having insurance. the judge also says the law doesn't go against the constitution's khers clause. -- commerce clause. here is a question for you. could your job be bad for your health? americans work more hours than any other industrialized country and it could be taking a toll. >> hours after michigan state
6:46 am
celebrated a victory head coach mark dantonio was lunge to have beating heart. he suffered a mild heart attack. then he was readmitted with a blood clot in his leg. now after missing one game dantonio plans to coach again this weekend. >> i won't miss michigan week. >> is his ability to bounce back commendable or questionable? sports is just one profession where employees spend hours at work trying to stay ahead of the competition. a recent study in england found those working 10 to 11 hours a day were as much as 60% more likely to suffer heart he disease than regular hours. >> americans work harder than any other industrialized nation in the world. >> how much work and stress is too much? >> i had an uncle talk to me one time and i do believe what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. >> after being cleared by his
6:47 am
doctor he hopes to display that strength against michigan this saturday. >> 6:46 is the time now on this friday. we turn to politico. why viagra is an issue in the nevada senate race. >> the white house's new chief of staff is getting down to business. we have more. we will start with what alison was talking about. they are campaign ads and they get creative and sometimes nasty. >> in 30 seconds she attacks reid on immigration, still plus and providing viagra to child molesters. that is dubious because they have a poison pill amendment to kill the bill. she technically can point to something that it runs on but there was never a provision that said the democrats would do this. >> this is one of the harsher
6:48 am
ones? >> very harsh. has to be up there. >> the other topic is one week since rahm emanuel stepped down and pete rouse stepped in. noticing changes? >> one week but the one that struck us is the difference is rouse e-mails staffers when he,s them to talk to instead of shouting down the hall. a little style change. the other thing we are hearing is he is not a sign they will break up the campaign staff that brought in and loyalists that have been around so that doesn't mean they are recycling. >> so it is not changing much. more of a tempered atmosphere maybe. thanks, andy. good to see you. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we go to adam caskey who has wonderful news for the weekend. >> great if you are looking for sunshine and a good extended dry sketch through the weekend. mild as well.
6:49 am
let's look at the conditions right now. this is a beautiful shot looking at the sunrise over the bay. it is not officially up skwrl 7:11 but it is starting to brighten a bit. 54 currently at reagan national with total sunshine on the way. clear skies at the moment. dry air in place as typical it october. pretty comfortable outside. good refreshing start. open the windows. 44 in stafford. olney 43. hamilton 51. waldorf 45. winchester 48. let's go to the maps to look. 77 the high yesterday at reagan six degrees above average. we did hit 91 in 2007. that was the warmest we have had. the record high for tad. the average low is 53 and that is pretty much where we're right now. should be in the upper 40's in the suburbs and we are. low 50's downtown and we are. here is the wide are view.
6:50 am
not much overhead. we don't have many clouds. here you will in eastern canada and maritime and north and east of us. the jet stream is coming down from central canada and it will continue to be off to the north of us. we are on the warm side of that. 78 the high locally. that is mid to upper 70's most of, maybe 80 here and there. total sunshine, near 80. next chance of rain is tuesday. jim, take it away. >> southern maryland westbound 228 just before you get to bentonsville road. an accident. let's go to my map and show you that we have an accident on the northbound side of route 5 just inside the beltway blocking the left line. nationals park traffic heavy from the komen. the right lane is blocked a
6:51 am
under it will be that way. stay toward the 11th street and sousa bridges to avoid delays. stay toward the 11th street and sousa bridges to avoid delays. we will be back with
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more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. >> we are following breaking news. the suspect in a deadly hit-and-run accident in the district is in pa custody. jorida davidson turned herself into police around 5:30 this morning. investigators think she was
6:54 am
driving the s.u.v. that struck and killed kiela ryan yesterday morning near dupont seriously. >> it is 6:53 and we check the other top stories now. some metro riders will have to find another way to get around this weekend. farragut west and macpherson square stations will be closed from 10:00 this evening this will 5:00 a.m. tuesday. they will make safety improvements at the stations. >> the susan g. komen race for the cure kicks off in a few minutes. thousands of breast cancer patients, survivors and supporters will make a 60-mile trek around washington to a raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. a chinese dissident is awarded the 2010 nobel peace prize. liu xiaobo was hopped for his long and nonviolent struggle in china. china said the committee
6:55 am
violated its principles by giving him the prize. >> i'm arch campbell with the weekend movie guide. secretariat relives the inspiring story of the 1973 triple crown winner. the woman who willed him to win. >> secretariat is not afraid and neither am i. she plays the deutsch -- denver housewife who bonded with secretariat and the people who tu turned him into a champion. three star family affair. >> they named you. >> life as we know it with katherine heigl as a single woman who inherits her best friend's child and has to raise her with a guy she loathes. four stars for certainly network and for the tourney and waiting for super man. three for secretariat and it is a funny story worth three stars
6:56 am
and three for this. almost three for wall street 2 and let me in, that wild horror fi film, you will meet a tall dark stranger is woody allen's new movie. i wish i could tell you it is great but it is not. life as a we know it one star for me and for cat fish the same. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> this weekend you want to be outside. let's check the weather and traffic. >> we go to jim. >> south capitol right lane blocked for the beginning of the colon three-day. heavy over the douglas bridge. beltway north of town scrammed college park to silver spring. now the forecast from adam. >> nothing active, a lot of sunshine. fair skaeus, tranquil -- fair skies.
6:57 am
tranquil water. sunny through monday. next chance of showers tuesday. >> that is it for "good morning, washington." >> that is it for "good morning, washington." more news at 7:26. woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent.
6:58 am
woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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